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I'm not anal but why's community name misspelled?

Name: Christine
Age: 24
Birthdate: 13/10/1985
Location: singapore
Height: 1.63cm
Weight: not constant =P
Hair Color: dyed brown
Eyes: black
Ethnicity: Asian
Hobbies: i love watching movies (action mostly unless I'm in the mood), being online all the time, jogging when i feel fat, eating sweet stuff, laughing at my friends, reading bestsellers and then forgetting the stories, watching ridiculous tv and giving critique, playing with cute animals, watching Bleach (anime), playing Nintendo DS, going shopping in malls and online, taking pictures and many more.
Music: All genres except ....
Religion: free-thinker
leave me a comment if you want a pic
I'm a non-smoker.

Last serious boyfriend: NBK \(**)/

Looking for:
Age: above my age
Location: anywhere
Height&Weight: just be sweet and taller than me
Hair&Eyes why would it matter

You can:
Send me a comment on this post, my LJ, or PM me.
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