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about me

Age: 16
Music: alot of things, expeshially goo goo dolls, sting, all time low & we the kings
quick stuff: im definitl not your average girl!!! i was born and raised in California for most of my life then we moved to the east coast.
i am an only child. Cannot find a guy who is uderstanding but has a rough edge. ( not too rough like the last one )
im NEVER EVERRR EVERRR shy! but im shy to sing! idk why but i think my voice is bad although when my mom eaves dropps she says i sing amazing! anyways i have a very hard and complicated life. I used tobe a model & planning on it soon.
I am a swimmer and i love photography! ( que the modeling hahah )
i am very sponatnious and loud!
Girls tend to dislike me because i get along quite well with guys.
Please get to know me before judging me.
I need someone to help me find what i really want and i gues help me show who i am.
Because baby i am not a fake preppy barbie doll. Although i have girly blond moments. I dont say ''like'' 24/7 and ''omg''
so yeahhh i reallyhate girls like that!
height: 5'5? 5'4?
eye colorrrr: my eyes cant make up their

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