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hey :)
well my name is imelda :)
i am a senior in high school and looking forward to a good year.
i broke up whit my boyfriend from a year a half about 7 months ago.
me and him have been on and off, but he finally moved on and i think i should also.
well here's my information for anyone that wants to talk.

1. im a very straight forward person.
2. i have to be told things 3 times before i get them trough my head.
3. i love music, photography and ceramics.
3. i like going out, even if its just for a walk.
4. i live for those "little moments" in life.
5. i get along whit most people.
6. i believe in astrology && stuff like that.
7. im pretty easy going, im the relaxed type.
8. im trying to find what i want in my life.
9.i want to become an english teacher some day.
10. i play violin.

so now here's the basic info.

name : imelda lizeth medin
ethnicity: his-panic. :)
age: seventeen years old.
zodiac sign : cancer
i live in: San Antonio Texas

 well if anyone knows they can talk to me, just send me a message :)
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