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Slightly Confused Newbie

So I just found this community (looking for a group for lonely hearts funnily enough lol) and though I'm not really sure about this or considering internet dating I'll give you my stats anyway

NameL: Sarah
Age: 21
Birthday: 23 January 1986
Sex: Female.
Height: 5'2
Weight: Hmm about 11 stone...kinda overweight
Hair: Red/purple (dyed), shoulder length
Eyes: Brown
Orientation: Straight.
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Religion: Catholic
Political Views: Don't really have any
Education: I'm at college
Interests: Avid Movies fan, writing fanfiction, watching TV, bowling,
Hobbies: Reading, writing, dancing
Music: Rock, country, R & B, Pop, anything except clubbing generally
Pet Peeves: People listening to music on their phones on the bus, people jumping queue, unneccessarily cruel or callous people, being so plain,
Turn-Ons: Nice eyes, mischevious smile, glasses, compassion and kindness, good sense of humour, fun


Last serious boyfriend: I went out with a guy like 2 years ago for about a month but I got scared and dumped him...I'm a dumbass

Looking for:
Age: 22-28
Location: Close to me...
Height&Weight: Taller than me...but not too tall, I'm only short, weight doesn't bother me within limits
Hair&Eyes: Don't care.. but it has to work...
Personality: See above....
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