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Take Me Into Consideration At Least ;)

About me:

NameL: Emily.
Age: 19.
Sex: Female.
Orientation: Straight. And I AM a virgin.
Location: Dearborn, MI.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Political Views: Apathetic.
Education: Some college, sophomore in college working for a B.A. in German at Eastern Michigan University.
Interests: Music, band, choir, bike riding, taking walks, reading, writing, friends, bowling, sleeping, laughing, exploring/learning.
Pet Peeves: Wasting food, being lied to, hypocrocy.
Turn-Ons: Restraint, honesty, temperance and moderation of character, religiousness, intelligence, tenderness, extreme and genuine interest, cultured, able to commit, NOT sexually active beyond kissing and making out. That should do it for now.
Myspace: ++++add me, it'll be fun =)
Facebook: Facebook me!
AIM: alleg8or63
Pics: Guess you're gonna have to add me on Myspace and Facebook and look at my LJ profile. ;)

Anything else you wanna know? Take the steps needed to get to know me. ;)
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