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new gal

Name: Diana
Age: 21
Birthdate: 24th october 1984
Location: essex, uk
Height: 5'6 ish
Weight: i don't know but does curvey count
Hair Color: mousy brownie red (when the dye stays)
Eyes: ble/grey/green depending on my mood but mostly blue
Hobbies: writing short stories, i love 60's pop , the beatles, i'm a comedy/romance gal with movies, i'm a petrol head and love cars and aircraft, I go to loads of airshows every year.
Music: the beatles, george harrison, meat loaf, savage garden, james blunt
Religion: pagan
leave me a comment if you want a pic
I don't smoke. I drink a bit, mosty social 

Last serious boyfriend: (looks at the ground) 5 years ago

Looking for:
Age: 20-25
Location: in the essex area
Height&Weight: if you have a good sence of hummor then those things dont matter
Hair&Eyes see above

You can:
Email meelanor_g@blueyonder.co.uk
Or Send me a comment on this post or in my livejournal.
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