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Introductory Post

Hello all!

I joined this community for various reasons, mostly because I am a curious bugger who likes to see how different people choose partners, fall in love, get dates, things of that nature. My name is Karen, I'm 20 years old, and I've never dated anyone. I had a friends with benefits thing once upon a time but that turned out bad and yeah... At this point in time I think I'd like to get to know more guys and try dating out. Now if only someone would ask me, eh?

I don't do the internet dating thing, I'm just here to learn more about people. But here's my stats anyway!

About ME:
Name: Karen Loo.
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'0"
Ethnicity: Um... white?
Location: Chicago
Hair: Short shaggy blonde.
Eyes: Green
Body type: Small and fairly curvy for my size. Pretty average build, not skinny but not overweight.
Music: I love all types music, especially goofy music! I listen to Alanis Morissette, Mindless Self Indulgence, Gorillaz, Blur, Daft Punk, Tub Ring, Electric Six, Kenna, Pete Yorn, Tenacious D, Disney songs, and oh so much more.
Occupation: Unemployed film student.
School: Columbia College
Any Specifics about the perfect him: I'd like a guy who would play off my jokes but who I could also have a good conversation with. And I'd like someone who's charming and flirty, but loyal. Someone creative and confident.

Perfect Match Includes

Sex: Male
Age: 19-22
Height: Whatever, though I'd prefer someone who isn't *TOO* tall. I'm short.
Ethnicity: I'm not terribly picky, but I am partial to pale boys or perhaps those with soft naturally brown skin.
Location: Near me!
Hair: SHORT FLOPPY HAIR! Color does not matter too much, but I loves loose fluffy hair that hangs in the eyes but is still short in the back.
Eyes: Big eyes, particularly bright ones.
Body type: I likes em thin, soft-skinned, with shoulders that are clearly wider than the hips.
Music: I like someone who I can introduce a bunch of new music to, for I like attention. I really don't like death metal.
Occupation: Whatever, I'm unemployed.
School: I likes someone who's pursuing something they're passionate about. Doesn't matter where.
Any Specifics about the perfect woman: I would hope they'd find me interesting and sexy, but don't have to cling to me.
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