StaticXCC (staticxcc) wrote in lonleyhearts,

New to here!

Hiya people. was browsing around and saw this community. My last relationship was roughly.... 2 years ago. I'm currently 23 so not being with anybody has started to take it's toll. before that relationship, I hadn't really been with anybody longterm, but a couple short term internet things (which I'm not really going to do anymore I think. while I agree that when your online, you get attached for them in one of the important departments, "Feeling, personality, their being" you truely miss the other half a relationship. the simple hugs and kisses, cuddle, etc etc. long term internet dating leaves you just as hollow)

So I remember when I was 15 starting to get the liking the girls feeling, waiting till 19-20 to really fall for someone for over a year, and that busting so I can say I've been single quite awhile. I'm one of those guys that is the kind and loyal type, buts you know the saying, "Nice guys finish last" and it's true, as it seems most women have to date jerks many many times before they go after us good guys. lol being single doesn't bother me so much when I'm alone, but I dislike going to places their seem to be lots of couples.

But, I've just moved to california after living my entire life in oklahoma. who knows with such a bigger population here if will stumble on somebody ^_^ and you know what, this post was so random. how not like me. XD
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